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2б2 REPATRIATION, &с., OF SEAMEN. P. vi., Сн. xvi.

§ 305.
of captains
of Russian
ships to take
on board
prisoners of
war and [-shipwrecked-]

situation similar to the one he had before ; if his wages are less, the
shipowner will pay the difference ; but the obligation to do so does
not fall on the shipowner when the sailor has been discharged for a
fault, or through a disease which he has brought upon himself, or if
he has asked to be discharged on account of an advancement of
position, or of marriage. If, on the strength of Art. 69 of the Finnish
-Maritime Code,1 he asks for his discharge after two or three years
of service, the expenses of his repatriation will not be paid b}’ the
shipowner unless the contrary was specially stipulated in the
conditions of his engagement. As to the obligation of the shipowner
to repatriate the crew of a ship which has been wrecked or confiscated,,
the expenses of repatriation will be borne by the shipowner only to
the amount of the value of the effects which have been saved.2
However, this latter restriction of the Finnish laws does not affect the
Consular Officer, whose outlay in repatriating shipwrecked Finnish
sailors will always be refunded in full by the office of the
Governor-General of Finland. Other destitute Finnish seamen, who have not
been shipwrecked, but who are, from other causes, in need of money
and cannot find employment, may receive, from the Consular Officer,
a single payment by way of monetary assistance. The Consul must
draw up a protocol and send it, with the man’s receipt, to the office
of the Governor-General of Finland. Such men can only be
repatriated in extreme cases, as, for instance, in cases of persistent illness.3

As to the question whether Finnish sailors, who for some reason
or another do not possess papers by which their identity can be
established, are entitled to monetary help, the Board of Trade and
Industry of the Imperial Finnish Senate decided in a letter to the
office of the Finnish Governor-General of 8th September 1905, No. 870,
that Finnish sailors are entitled to such help, provided that they
can give clear and satisfactory proof—or, at least make it appear
probable that their papers have been lost.

Captains of Russian ships are only obliged to take on board
shipwrecked sailors and prisoners of war when their number does not
exceed one third of the number of the ship’s crew, or four sailors for
every hundred tons. On arrival at his port of destination, the captain
will receive, from the proper authorities, compensation for the
maintenance of such men, at the rate of 35 copecks per man per day (unless
he engaged them to replace any of his own sailors) for the time that
has elapsed from the granting of the passport, or the Consular visa,
to the day of their arrival in port. These sailors are obliged to obey
the captain and mate of the ship and to work during the voyage
without any remuneration. Should a captain refuse to take on board
his ship soldiers or sailors sent to him by the Consul, he incurs, if he
is a Russian subject, a penalty of 75 copecks per man, for the benefit
of the invalid fund ; if he is a native of Finland, the penalty is 100 to
300 marks. If, however, the captain has valid reasons for such refusal,
the Consul may exempt him from the obligation to receive the men
on board.4

1 See " Dismissal and Discharge of Sailors." Part VI., Chap. VI.

2 Maritime Code of Finland, Art. 78.

3 See " Invalid Sailors." Part VI., Chap. XIII.

4 Maritime Code of Finland, Art. 78. Cons. Reg., Art. 84.


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