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patents only
issued by

on Russian

According to Art. 58 of the Consular Regulations, only State
Consuls are authorised to grant provisional flag-patents. Elective
Consuls must apply in such cases to their State Consul, enclosing :—
{a) Bill of sale or builder’s certificate, duly legalised by a local
Notary Public, in duplicate ;

(b) Certificate of measurement (from the Board of Trade) ;

(c) Certificate from the authorities in Russia showing that the
purchaser is a Russian subject or is entitled to fly the Russian flag.

(d) A power or other written proof that the captain is entitled
to take over the ship in the name of the owners in case the latter are
not present.

An Elective Consular Officer is entitled to draw up the crew-list.
In so doing he should use the form described in § 222 of this " Guide."’
In order to afford to Russian subjects, who purchase ships abroad
from foreigners or Russian subjects, the advantage of obtaining them
on a system of credit, Russian State Consuls are required to record the
mortgage on the builder’s certificate or bill of sale of the ship,
certifying1 :—

1. That according to the mortgage bond presented (date number)
to the Consul, a debt has been contracted by the buyer of the ship.

2. That the seller of the ship acquires, in Russia, a mortgage on the
ship, which conveys preferential rights before other creditors in the
event of concurrent claims being made against the ship.

However, this course of procedure does not refer to Finnish ships,
as the Grand Duchy has special laws regulating this matter.2

The following is a copy of the record to be made by the Consul of
the mortgage upon the Bill of Sale, or Builder’s Certificate, as the case
may be :—

Императорское РоссіГіское.........Консульство........симъ

удостовѣряетъ, на основаыін предъявленныхъ іімъ документов!.,

что между пріобрѣтателямп русскаго парохода.......(такими-то)

и продавцами или строителями его или какого нибудь другою

фирмою.........заключена долговая сдѣлка на сумму въ......

(нропнсыо) при чемъ обезпеченіемъ этого долга служить самое
судно и присово-купляетъ, что названная фирма пріобрѣтаетъ въ
РОССІЙСКОЙ Имперіи па судно закладное право съ
преимуществен-нымъ удовлетвореніемъ передъ другими кредиторами въ случаѣ

иредъявленія къ владѣльцамъ судна конкурентныхъ исковъ......

мѣсто число......подпись.

The following is a translation into French and English of the
above-mentioned Record.

Le Consul Imperial de Russie a..........................

s’autorisant de ses instructions, certifie qu’une creance hypote-

caire de....................remboursable le................

a............est constitute par acte du notaire..............

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
10th May 1899, No. 4109.

2 Explanation of^the Section for Commercial Shipping of 4th June 1899,
No. 1954.

312, 313.

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