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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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loans, with interest and premiums, and all loans in specie or in
merchandise contracted by the captain for the immediate needs of
the vessel or crew during the voyage. The claims here indicated
have equal rights, if they are contracted in the same port, or on the
occasion of the same accident ; should such not be the case, the more
recently contracted liabilities have priority over the earlier ones,
and those contracted during the last voyage over those contracted

5. Compensation or discount due to charterers for errors in
tallying the cargo during loading or discharging of same ; or for
injury to the goods through the negligence or fault of the captain
or crew; or for damages to another vessel by collision, provided
always that the liabilities under this head were incurred on the last

6. Amounts due for revictualling or refurnishing the vessel, if
such debts were contracted in cases of emergency and the vessel has
not yet left the port where the loan was effected.

7. Amounts due from owners for repairs, reconstruction or any
necessary alterations in the ship, if such debts have priority by a
special agreement, the priority being restricted to a time limit of
six months.

8. Advances, with interest, made by owners to one of their own
number who has not yet paid up his share for the construction, repair,
or equipment of the vessel. These advances must be claimed within
six months after they are effected.1

1 Maritime Code of Finland, Art. 12.

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