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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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P. vii., Сн. xiv. REGULATIONS FOR SHIPS, &c.


3. The time of leaving, the order in which the ships have to follow,
as well as the number of ships to be taken at a time, is decided by the
commander of the icebreaker.

4. The captains of the ships, following the icebreaker, are obliged to
follow out the instructions of the commander of the icebreaker with
regard to movements in the ice, and to act promptly according to his

5. Ships following the icebreaker through the ice must use the
signals, as given below, with the steam-whistle or siren. The signals,
with exception of Signal VI., are to be repeated by the conducted ships,
one ship after the other ; beginning with the ship nearest the icebreaker,
if the signal is given by the icebreaker, and in reversed order, if given
by one of the ships.

6. Ships following the icebreaker must not overtake one another.

7. Ships following the icebreaker have to be prepared to put their
engines immediately full speed astern.

8. Ships in tow through the ice must on no account move their
engines without especial order from the commander of the icebreaker ;
further, they must be ready at any moment to cast off the tow-rope at
the first command from the icebreaker, as well as to give full speed
astern if the icebreaker should get stopped in heavy ice.

9. Should a ship, in following the icebreaker through the ice, notice
any kind of damage or leakage, she has to signal it at once to the
icebreaker, using the international code.

10. In case the captain of a ship should not comply with the
instructions given by the icebreaker, the commander of the icebreaker
has the right to refuse any further assistance until his instructions are
carried out.

11. The Ministry (Board) of Commerce and Industry in person of
its representatives is not responsible for any damage the ships may
receive whilst being assisted by the icebreaker.

12. Any ship that makes use of the assistance of the icebreaker
signifies thereby that she agrees to the above-named rules and

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