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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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302 REGULATIONS FOR SHIPS, &c. P. vii., Сн. xiv.

Sound Signals to be used by ships whilst assisted through the ice.

No. Signals. Meaning of Signals if given.
By the leading Icebreaker. By the Ship.
I. - I am going ahead, follow me. I am going ahead, follow the icebreaker.
II. — - Reduce your speed. I reduce my speed.
III. Stuck in the ice, attention. Stuck in the ice, attention.
IV. - - - Give full speed astern. I give full speed astern.
v. — — Do not follow me, stop where you are. I stop where I am.
VI. Be ready to take the tow-rope. But if a ship is tc Let go the tow-rope. I am ready to take the tow-rope. >wed it means, The tow-rope is cast off.
VII. _ — _ _ — —- Work stopped until morning, or until more favourable circumstances, if given whilst work is stopped it means " get ready."
VIII. A black cone signifies that the signal is meant only for the ship nearest to the icebreaker.
IX. A black cylinder means that the sound signal, as well as any other signals, refer only to the icebreaker.

Note.—(a) The leading icebreaker is that one which goes ahead of one or more ships.

(6) A long line (dash) means a long blast—a short line (dot) a short blast.

(c) If the icebreaker, through being too far away, should not hear the Signal III. given by a ship, the
latter, instead of this signal, hoists in daytime a black ball, and at night a red light, which signals are to
be kept up until the icebreaker comes to assistance.

(d) In addition to the ordinary fog-signals with the bell, Signal V. has to be given by all ships stopping
during fog or snowfall in the channel made by the icebreaker.

(e) If a ship should keep too close to the icebreaker, the latter will show from the stern in daytime a
red flag, and at night a red light.

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