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5. For drawing up a protocol in connection with any occurrence or matter, including protocols as to the deposit of property at the Consulate for safe keeping, and as to the opening of wills3 –––- 4 50 097 12 О 9 72 • 5 76 11 43 8 64 52 71 2 14 2 32 7 3
Note.—Legal protocols in criminal as well as civil cases, which are already subject to the legal fee, according to Art. 22 of this Tariff, are free of charge under this Article.
6. For a copy, extract, or certificate referring to the affairs and documents of the Consulate, per page, counting every twenty-five lines as one page and every incomplete page as a full one - 9 75 -KJ O- 2 9 I 62 9 96 i 99 I 44 8 79 9 36 9 39 i 4








1 The Consular fees expressed in terms of foreign currencies are calculated on the basis of the normal rate of exchange shown in Part VIII., Chap. I.
In Consular practice it is not always possible to charge the exact amounts, owing to the want of sufficiently small divisional currency ; convenience in
calculation has also to be taken into account. For instance, in Germany, coin of a lower denomination than 5 pfennigs, and in the countries of the
Latin union of currency, those below 5 centimes, are seldom available, and the amounts of the fees charged in practice are accordingly not strictly
correct. In Great Britain, fractional parts of a penny are dispensed with as far as possible, as such cannot be included in cheques sent in payment of
Consular fees. (Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the 31st December 1907. No. 8446.)

2 For the visa of the passport of a Turkish subject travelling to Transcaucasia in search of work, a fee of 50 copecks is levied, in accordance with
the opinion expressed by the Council of State and confirmed by His Majesty the Emperor on the 27th March 1895.

According to Art. 264 of the Russian Passport Regulations, it is only requisite that the passports of foreign subjects travelling to Russia should
be vise. The fee to be paid for the visa is independent of the number of persons mentioned in the passport and is invariable. Fees should not be
charged on giving Russian subjects references and letters of recommendation, enabling them to be admitted to public reading rooms, industrial works,
Chambers of Commerce, &c.

3 Fees should not be charged when the drawing up of the protocols is not prescribed by the Consular Regulations, but is performed by the Consul
on his own initiative and not at the request of the parties. If, however, the interested parties apply for a copy of the protocol, they are supposed
to have expressed their desire to have the protocol drawn up, and must pay the fees in accordance with Art. 5, and also for the copy, according to
Art. 6.



§ 363.

§ 363.

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