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CHAPTER III.—Explanatory Notes to the Tariff
of Consular Duties.1

Given by the First Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign


Para. i.—Russian Consular Officers collect the Consular duties
in accordance with the Consular Tariff in cases when they receive
applications from those interested in the performance of Consular
transactions mentioned in the Tariff.

Section 18 of the Consular Regulations provides that Russian
Consular Officers must refrain from insisting that Consular transactions
should be carried out for which Consular fees could be levied.

Ad Section 3 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 2.—The visa of Russian passports is only necessary when
foreign, not Russian, authorities or private persons require the
confirmation that their passports are valid. Russian passports can be
vise in accordance with Section 3a of the Consular Tariff by State as
well as by Elective Consular Officers. When an application is made
for such passports, the following rules must be observed:—

(a) The visa is granted on Russian passports for foreign use which
are delivered by Governors of provinces, by State Prefects, and Chiefs
of the Police in the form of little booklets ; it is also granted on
passport sheets issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its
functionaries, if there is no doubt as to the authenticity of these documents
and the identity of persons presenting them.

(b) If there is reason to doubt the authenticity of a passport and the
personal identity of its bearer or bearers, before giving the visa,
Elective Consuls must report the matter to the State Consul to whom
they are subordinate.

(c) Elective Consular Officers who do not know the Russian
language, or in whose office nobody knows that language, may vise only
such passports which contain a French or a German translation of the
Russian text, and they are obliged to refuse the visa of passports which
contain only the Russian text. In such cases they may send the
passport to the State Consul, together with the Consular fee for the visa.

(d) A translation of this Russian text of a passport into one of the
European languages must be done free of charge by Russian Consular

(1e) If the passport does not contain the signature of bearer the
signature must be affixed to it before the passport can be vise. When
a person is illiterate, the Consular Officer must attest this fact upon
the passport.

Para. 3.—Passports of Russian pilgrims returning from the Holy Land
are vise free of charge on the strength of Section 35 of the Consular Tariff.

1 Circulars of the i. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
8th July 1913, No. 8399, of 17th October 1911, No. 10,110, of 8th February
1912, No. 1600, and of 23rd October 1913, No. 11,434.


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