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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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EXPLANATORY NOTES, &c. p. viii., сн. hi.

Para. 21. The attestation of settlements concluded in view of a
prospective marriage, as provided for by the Laws of the Vistula
Province, must be paid for in accordance with Section 9.

Para. 22. The attestation of the probate of a will granted by a
foreign Court must be paid for in accordance with Section 9.

Para. 23. The execution and attestation of Powers of Attorney
is in all cases paid for in accordance with Section 9, viz., 3 roubles ;
without reference to the number of persons who signed the power and
of its object, for instance, the amount of the claim or of the contract
for the execution of which the power is given.

Para. 24. Only such Powers of Attorney are legalised free of
charge which give authority to collect pensions granted by the
Government, Communal and Municipal Institutions. This does not
refer to Powers of Attorney for obtaining pensions granted by private
institutions, or for obtaining monetary help, no matter from what
channel such help comes.

Para. 25. When legalising Powers of Attorney, given by Russian
or foreign subjects, which are to be sent from abroad to Russian State
Institutions, or to officials in Russia, in order to avoid delay, Russian
State Consular Officers must leave it to the convenience of the
interested parties to pay the stamp duty amounting to 2 roubles,
equal to 4 shillings 3 pence. If the stamp duty is not paid to the
Russian State Consular Officer in question, it will have to be paid to
the authorities in Russia. Art. 9 is applied in cases whether or not
the following formula is used :—" In accordance with the law of the
land." This formula must be used as required by Section 465 of the
Russian Code of Civil Procedure.

Para. 26. Section 25 of the Consular Tariff does not refer to
certificates of origin of goods sent to Russia by land ; they come
under Section 9 of the Tariff if the attestation of the signature thereon
is required, and under Section 34 if they are given by Consular Officers
on the strength of proofs of the origin of the goods, and under Section 5
of the Tariff if the certificate of origin of goods is connected with
the inspection of them by the Consular Officer taking evidence of
experts, &c. and drawing up of protocols thereof. Certificates of
origin are drawn up or certified free of charge in all cases when this
has been stipulated by special State Conventions concluded by Russia.

Para. 27.—Certificates of origin of goods shipped on Russian vessels
are given by Russian Consular Officers free of charge if the tonnage
dues have been paid by the vessel in accordance with Section 24 of
the Tariff, at the rate of copecks per ton net register. If the vessel
has not carried on any commercial operations whilst in port, the
certificates of origin are paid for in accordance with Section 9. The
attestation of signature of local authorities on certificates of origin is
always paid for in accordance with Section 9 of the Tariff. This rule
applies also to Affidavits.

Para. 28.—The attestation of coal certificates is also paid for in
accordance with Section 9 of the Tariff if they are not intended to serve
as certificates of origin.

Certificates for coke follow the general rule and pay a fee of 4
roubles and 50 copecks.

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