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p. viii., сн. iii. EXPLANATORY NOTES, &c.


Ad Section 10 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 29.—Deeds which are presented to Russian State Consular
Officers for their legalisation in several identical copies, each of which
is intended to serve as an original document, must be paid for in
accordance with the sections of the Tariff dealing with original documents,
and such documents cannot be considered as copies.

Para. 30.—In case copies or translations of different documents
are written on one sheet of paper the attestation of the correctness of
the same is paid for in accordance with the number of individual
copies, reckoning each individual copy by itself.

Para. 31.—The legalisation of Wills is never paid for in accordance
with Sections 7 and 8 of the Tariff, but always in accordance with
Section 13, or Section 9 as the case may be.

Ad Section 14 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 32.—In case a Will deposited at the Consulate General is
taken back and is replaced by a new will left also in custody with the
Russian Consular Officers, the fees for the custody of the new Will
must be paid for in accordance with Section 14 of the Tariff.

Ad Section 15 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 33.—The fees paid for in accordance with Section 15 of the
Tariff comprise the whole of the Consular duties coming under that
section, namely :—the drawing up of inventories of property, the
affixing and removal of Consular Seals and drawing-up of the requisite

Ad Section 18 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 34.—In taking charge of a sealed parcel, it is not necessary
to draw up a protocol as to its contents.

Ad Sections 19 and 20 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 35.—For taking charge of property deposited with Russian
Consular Officers the fees amount to £ per cent, of the estimated
value of the property per month. The estimate of the value of such
personal property can be fixed in accordance with the amount shown
in the Insurance Policy or otherwise.

Para. 36.—Sections 15, 19 and 20 of the Consular Tariff comprise
the following Consular Officers’ duties in connection with property
left by Russian subjects, viz. :—

1. The drawing-up of an inventory personally by the Consular
Officer or by a person who has been empowered by him to do so or
assisting personally or through a representative the local authorities who
are drawing-up such an inventory.

2. Taking in custody of personal property.

3. Keeping of money, stock and so forth.

Sections 19 and 20 of the Consular Tariff refer only to cases when
property has been deposited with a Consular Officer (viz., the
voluntary handing over to a Consular Officer of effects and valuables to
be kept in custody by him) and does not apply to the administration
of property which is not on deposit at the Consular Office.

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