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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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EXPLANATORY NOTES, &c. P. viii., Сн. hi.

It appears, therefore, that Sections 19 and 20 can be applied only
in cases where Consular Officers receive property on deposit to be kept
in the Consular Office or in a special room.

If the estate left by deceased is in the hands of his heirs, or if such
estate remains at the place where it was kept during the lifetime of
deceased, the Consular Officer can do no more than draw up a protocol
in accordance with Section 15 of the Consular Tariff. Sections 19
and 20 of the Tariff are not applicable in this case, and no percentage
on the value of the property which is left is required.

Para. 37.—In special cases when it is found necessary, Consular
Officers may deposit sums of money which have been left in their
custody with banks which offer the best guarantee of solidity according
to local conditions. In each case the First Department of the Russian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be communicated with without
delay. The fee due to the banks for taking charge of the money on
deposit must be deducted from the fee chargeable and due to the
Russian State Exchequer on the strength of Section 20 of the Tariff.
In the accounts of the fees received in the rubric remarks must be
mentioned of the name of the bank where the deposit was made and
the amount of fees paid in respect thereof.

Ad Section 21 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 38.—Communications and information given by Consular
Officers in answer to queries of private persons do not come under
Section 21 of the Tariff and are given free of charge.

Ad Section 24 of the Consular Tariff.

Para 39.—The tonnage dues are paid in accordance with Section 24
of the Tariff on the same lines by ships either loading or discharging
or doing both.

Para. 40.—The fee provided by Section 24 of the Tariff must be
paid in accordance with the general rule also for steamers taking
passengers on board or discharging them in port.

Para. 41.—Private yachts which have not the character of
commercial vessels do not come under the rule of Section 24 of the Tariff.

Ad Section 25 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 42.—Section 25 of the Tariff refers to the attestation of
Bills of Lading which have been presented by the captain, or to
certificates of loading given by Official local institutions.

Ad Section 26 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 43.—The delivery or attestation of a certificate of origin of
goods carried to Russia on foreign vessels is paid for in accordance
with Section 26 of the Tariff.

Para. 44.—Certificates of origin of coal, patent fuel, and in general
of any material sent from foreign parts for Russian Government
Institutions are paid for in accordance with the ordinary fees provided for
by the Consular Tariff.

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