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Para. 51.—Certificates for returning to Russia given to Russian
subjects who are not in possession of passports are paid for in accordance
with Section 34 of the Tariff with the exception of cases when such
certificates are given free of charge in accordance with Section 35 of
the Tariff.

Section 34 is also applied when the names of members of one family
are transferred from one passport to another, or when the name of a
bride is added to the passport of her husband, or when the name of a
deceased person has to be taken out of the passport.1

Ad Section 35 of the Consular Tariff.

Para. 52.—The legalisation and attestation of documents of a private
nature for officials belonging to the Russian State Service must be
paid for in accordance with the Consular Tariff, and should not be done
free of charge.

Para. 53.—Consular Officers must be very careful not to perform
Consular duties free of charge, when they are not at liberty to do so.
Section 35 refers only to persons who are not able to pay the necessary
duties, and whose poverty is beyond any doubt. It does not refer to
Russian State employees.2

Para. 54.—Section 35 is not applicable to foreign subjects.

Para. 55.—Elective Consular Officers are bound to perform Consular
duties free of charge for those who are not able to pay the Consular
duties. Such Consular Officers may at their convenience also confer
this benefit upon anyone.

Para. 56.—Letters of recommendation given by Russian Consular
Officers as certificates, " To all those whom it may concern," which
are to be presented to local institutions, are given free of charge.

Para. 57.—The presence on board ship of pupils of the Navigation
Schools which are in the province of Archangel, must be certified free
of charge. Such attestations are inscribed in special booklets with
which pupils are provided by the authorities.

Para. 58.—The amount of stamp duty levied by Russian State
Consuls must not be mentioned in the trimester accounts of Consular
fees levied, but must be sent to that State Institution on behalf of
which they have been levied, or, information must be sent to the First
Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The attestation of documents for official purposes and not by request
of private persons is done free of charge.

CHAPTER IV.—Consular Accountability.

§ 364.
collected by
State and


Fees of every description levied by State Consular Officers, who
receive their salaries from the Russian State, belong to the revenue
of the Empire. Their payment into the Treasury and the method
of keeping accounts in connection with them are regulated by orders
which only concern State Consular Officers.3 Elective Consular Officers,

1 Circular of the I. Department of 30th October 1913, No. 11,800.

2 Ibid, of 10th July 1912, No. 8515. 3 Cons. Reg., Arts, no and in.

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