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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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Section of Tariff. Title of Fees. From the beginning of the Year to Tiercal under Account. During the Tiercal under Account. Total. Explanation. This Column to contain Particulars referring to the Tiercal under Account only.
No. of
Applications of each Section. Sum. No. of
Applications of each Section. Sum. No. of
Applications of each Section. Sum.
Rs. c. Rs. c. Rs. c.
30 For drawing up
31 For permission to
conclude bottomry loans
32 For Consular acts in cases of average :— (a) Fixed fee (ft) Percentage on the total sum of valuation " " averages for the sum of roubles in metal currency " " averages for the sum of" " paper roubles.
33 For drawing up Bills of Sale for the sale vessels :— " " vessels for the sum of roubles in metal currency.
(a) Sold by a
foreigner to a
Russian subject or by another Russian subject " " ships for the sum of paper roubles.
(6) By a Russian subject to a
foreigner :—
For a sum not exceeding 500 roubles
For a sum from 500 to 1,000 roubles
For a sum of 1,000 roubles and more
Percentage on the total value
34 For the issue or
attestation of
documents not specially mentioned in the tariff

The form as above must be filled in, signed by the chief of the
Consulate, and sent to the First Department of the Foreign Ministry
in Petrograd, not later than 15 days after the end of the tiercal,
under account.

Every fortnight, and at the end of the tiercal, not later than three
days after the last day of it, the money which has been collected at
the Consulate has to be paid into a local Bank, the name of which has
been given by the Ministry.

The receipts of the Bank must be sent to the First Department of
the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those Consulates which
receive a revenue of less than 100 roubles in a fortnight, have to pay
in each time an amount in cash up to 100 roubles.

Elective Consular Officers have to use the following form when
rendering accounts of fees received if they have not had other
instructions :—


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