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CHAPTER V.—Instructions Regarding the Use of
Stamps in Payment of Consular Fees.

1. Special Revenue Stamps must be affixed to all documents drawn
up or legalised at the Consular Office or, if there be no document, to
the receipt given for fees levied. Their value must correspond exactly
to the amount collected in accordance with the Consular Tariff.

2. Acts or Deeds which are drawn up or legalised free of charge
in accordance with the Consular Tariff and special instructions of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must bear the inscription " Free of
Charge " or " Gratis" over the Consular signatures. Stamps must
be affixed if the Elective Officers should desist from collecting fees
in cases when the payment of same is obligatory.

3. Any document or receipt to which no Revenue Stamp has been
affixed or which does not bear the inscription " Free of Charge,"
as the case may be, has no legal validity.

4. Consular Revenue Stamps are affixed to the documents drawn
up and legalised or to the receipts to be given in the cases provided
for by Sec. 1-4, 6-11, 21-22, 25-31, 33 and 34, of the Consular Tariff.
In case of application of Sec. 5, 12-20, 23 and 32, Consular Stamps
are affixed to the receipt to be given accordingly, in case of Sec. 24
to the Crew List.

The receipts given by the Consular Officers must be in the following
form :—

Receipt given by the Imperial Russian (Vice) Consulate

at..............to Mr. (Mrs. or Miss) for having received from

him (her) Consular Fees (amount) in Russian and local currency

in accordance with the Sec...........of the Tariff.

"Town. This..........day of..........19....

" (signed) Imperial Russian (Vice) Consul (General)

5. The Consular Stamps are of the value of 75 copecks ; 1 rouble
50 copecks ; 2 roubles 25 copecks ; 3 roubles ; 4 roubles 50 copecks ;
and 7 roubles 50 copecks. Consular Stamps are also used of the
value of i copeck, 2 copecks, 5 copecks, 10 copecks, 25 copecks, 50
copecks, 5 roubles, 10 roubles, 50 roubles and 100 roubles to account
for the percentage duty provided for by Sec. 7-8 ; 15-16 ; 19-20 ;
22-24 у 32 5 and for the duty to be paid in accordance with Sec. 13,
20, 22 and 24. If the fee to be levied does not correspond to one
of these amounts, more than one Stamp must be affixed in order
to make up the amount required.

6. A copy of the Consular Tariff, specimens of the Consular Stamps
and an extract of the Regulations regarding those Stamps in the
Russian and local languages must be exhibited in a conspicuous place
in the offices of State as well as of Honorary Consular Officers.

7. It is the duty of State Consuls to look after the proper
application of the present Regulations by the Consular Officers subordinate
to them.

8. It is the duty of the Consular Officers to take care that their
offices are always supplied with a sufficient stock of Consular Stamps.


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