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P. ix., Сн. ii. REDUCTION, &c., OF CUSTOMS DUTIES. 347

the remission of customs duty up to 1,350 roubles, and each male
artiste up to 675 roubles customs duty.1

Troops returning from foreign service are permitted to bring with
them any articles of personal use free of duty.2

Naval officers returning from service in foreign waters are entitled
to bring with them, free of customs duty, articles manufactured in
China, Japan and other remote countries to the following total amount
of duties : general officers, 750 roubles ; staff-officers, 450 roubles ;
subalterns, 225 roubles. This remission of duty only applies to
articles manufactured in the countries indicated above and suitable
for collection of curiosities, or chamber ornaments and small articles
of personal adornment, but not to articles which could be classed as
" goods."3

Academicians or Associates of the Petrograd Academy of Arts
when delegated abroad are entitled to bring with them or to have
sent from abroad, free of duty, articles up to a total amount of customs
duties equivalent to 1,350 roubles in addition to the property which
they are entitled to introduce into the country under the head of
passenger luggage.4

Individuals engaged abroad to fill positions in any of the
Universities are entitled, on their first entering the country, to bring with
them, or to have sent to them, before the expiration of one year,
all kinds of articles of property free of duty, equivalent to a total
amount of 1,350 customs dues. This total amount is exclusive of
the duty remitted on articles of passenger luggage brought in by
the person on his first arrival, and of educational accessories such
as books, instruments, maps, etc., which may be brought into
the country without any limit or restrictions whatever, whether
by foreign scientists engaged by the Universities, by Russian
instructors at the Universities returning from abroad, or by persons
sent by the Government to foreign countries for purposes of scientific

Members sent abroad by the Imperial Military Medical Academy
for scientific purposes are permitted on their return to bring with them,,
free of duty and all other restrictions, books, instruments, apparata
and other scientific accessories.6

Owners of real estate situated partly in Russia and partly in an
adjacent country, are permitted to avail themselves of exemption as
passengers only once every year. If they require to leave and re-enter
the country more frequently, they are only entitled to introduce free
of duty those articles which they took out of the Empire with them.
To this end they are required to procure certificates each year from
the Superintendent of the customs circuits, which are endorsed by the
customs officer every time they cross the frontier, and a list is issued
to them of the articles they take out of the country in order that they
may be able to bring those back without hindrance.7

Persons residing near the frontiers who on the basis of certificates
from the competent authorities are allowed to travel abroad for short

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