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into Russia
of Drugs


CHAPTER IV.—Importation into Russia of Drugs
and Medicines.1

Application for permission to introduce drugs and patent medicines
into Russia must be addressed, postage paid, to the Medical Board
of the Medical Department of the Ministry of the Interior. Two
stamps, of the value of one rouble each, must be attached to the
petition, and every additional sheet must be stamped with a stamp
of like value. The petition must contain an exact and detailed
description of the drug or medicine, also accompanying it must be
three samples in their original packages, id est, in those packages in
which the product will be imported. Prior to giving its decision, the
Medical Board verifies the composition by chemical analysis. If the
Medical Board authorises the importation of compound medicines,
they must say each time whether the medicine may be sold by
chemists or kept by druggists.2

The medicine or drug must be of such a nature as not to deteriorate
when stored for considerable periods or when transported for great

It must contain no poisonous substance.

The method of preparation must be of such a character as to
require the employment of apparatus and instruments that are not
easily procured and which require special manipulation.

Labels or wrappers containing printed directions for use or
advertisement require the special sanction of the Direction General of the
Press (" Glavnoye upravleniye po delam petchati").

All expenses of carriage, &c., are borne by the applicant.

If a foreign firm wants to entrust an attorney with their
application to the Russian authorities, a corresponding power of attorney
must be presented.

To all documents written in a foreign language, a translation into
the Russian language, officially attested, must be enclosed, in
accordance with Vol. I. Art. 3, of the " Svod Zakonov."

In reply to an application by the Russo-British Trade Exchange Ltd., the
Medical Board at Petrograd (Upravlenie Glavnavo Vratchebnavo Inspektor)
gave, on the 4th January, 1916, sub No. 47, the following answer :—

No special permission is required for the importation into Russia of medicines
and drugs, in bulk, not in separate packages or quantities ready for use. In the
latter case, and also with regard to compound medicines, mineral waters and
wines for curative purposes, special permission for their importation into Russia
is required, and the following rules must be observed :—

(1) The petitions must be addressed to the aforementioned Board, No. 3,
Theatre Street, Petrograd.

(2) Each petition and all enclosures which require an answer must be
accompanied by a Russian Revenue Stamp of 2 roubles (1 rouble for each sheet and’
i rouble for the reply).

(3) Besides the petition it is necessary to present (a) a Power of Attorney duly
legalised by a Russian State Consul, giving authority to present the petition,
should the petitioner entrust the protection of his interests to an attorney in
Russia : (b) a chemical analysis made by a competent laboratory, viz., a
Government, municipal or university laboratory, a detailed description of the contents
and the method of production of the medicines with information as to its use

Regulations of 8th December 1880.

Decree of the Minister of the Interior, 31st July 1899.


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