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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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Note.—It is prohibited for private individuals, except by special
permit, to import firearms of any pattern having the same bore as
the military rifle, and this prohibition applies to rifles fitted up and
ready for use, as well as to those imported in detached parts ; also to
cartridges for such rifles.

5. Playing cards of all kinds.

6. Berries of the cocculus indicus.

5. Margarine products.

8. Artificial saffron.

9. Bengal lights.

10. All merchandise and articles of a nature implying disrespect
for sacred things, blasphemy or ridicule of religion, or furnished with
stamps, tickets, &c., reproducing holy images in a manner suggestive
of such disrespect, blasphemy or ridicule.

11. Wall paper covered throughout with arsenical colouring matter,
dull or glossy.

Note.—Exemptions from this prohibition are only granted for
wall papers in which only the designs, flowers, leaves, spots, stripes,
&c., have been executed with arsenical colours on a wide groundwork
of non-arsenical colouring matter.

12. Light materials, such as book muslin (organdy), open muslin
(tarlatan), tulle and the like, coloured throughout with arsenical
colouring matter.

Note i.—Exemptions from this prohibition are only granted for
materials in which only the designs, flowers, leaves, spots, stripes,
&c., have been executed with arsenical colouring matter on a wide
groundwork of non-arsenical colouring matter.

Note 2.—Sections 11 and 12 (and the notes thereto) are not
applicable in the case of wall papers and materials coloured with aniline

13. Children’s toys of any kind and paper used for wrapping round
confectionery, sweets, and other comestibles, coloured with arsenical
colouring matter.

14. Composts, garden mould, vine props and stakes ; also vine
plants with or without roots, vine suckers and any part of the vine
plant except the fruit and the seed.

Note i.—The importation of other living plants or parts thereof,
and also of grapes and lees, is only permitted at certain custom houses,
and subject to the observance of special rules. The determination
of these rules, as also of the list of custom houses at which the articles
mentioned in the present note may be imported, is left to the discretion
of the Minister of Agriculture and Imperial Domains, with the
concurrence of the Minister of Finance. The first-named Minister has
power, in concurrence with the Minister of Finance, to prohibit the
importation into Russia, at certain custom houses, of vegetables in
those cases of which their free importation may be deemed to engender
risk of the spread of phylloxera.

Note 2.—The power granted to the Minister of Agriculture and
Imperial Domains by the Resolution of the Committee of Ministers,
approved by His Imperial Majesty on July 3rd, 1892, to permit the
importation of one-year-old suckers from American vines for
Government Institutions, is hereby extended so as to include the importation


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