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§ 386.
Foreigners ;
their right
to acquire
real and
in Russia.

CHAPTER III.—The right to acquire Real and
Personal Property.

In principle, foreigners are permitted to own every description of
property, whether real or personal, and whether acquired by purchase,
by succession, by testamentary disposition, by gift or by expropriation
of the State, &C.1

They may, with the exception of Jews, manage such property in
the capacity of stewards in virtue of powers of attorney from the
actual proprietors.

Similarly they may rent or lease any description of real estate
and effect any form of contract or undertaking not prohibited by
law, in conformity with the conditions and restrictions established
for Russian subjects proper.

There are, however, certain restrictions.

1. Foreigners are not permitted to acquire land in the territory
of the Amur and in the maritime districts.

2. The acquisition of land by foreigners in the region of Turkestan
and in the territories of the Oural, of Akmolinsk and of Semirechensk
is subject to special regulations.

i. The expropriation of parcels of State-owned land for the benefit
of foreigners of Krasnosvodsk requires, in each case, the special
authorisation of the War Ministry, which is granted on the
representation of the Chief of the Transcaspian Territory.

4. In the Polish provinces of Warsaw, Kalish, Kielce, Lomja,
Lublin, Petrokov, Plotzk, Radom, Suvalki, Sedletz, and also in those
of Bessarabia, Vilno, Vitebsk, Grodno, Kiev, Kovno, Courland,
Livonia, Minsk, and Podolsk, foreigners are not permitted to acquire
any form of real estate, or to have the use of such property in any
way except in the ports or towns. Foreigners residing in the Polish
provinces are, moreover, forbidden to manage real property situated
outside of the towns on powers of attorney as stewards. These
restrictions, however, do not extend to dwelling-houses, country
lodges, or houses intended for temporary occupation or residence.
The provisions above mentioned apply equally to commercial and
industrial undertakings and to companies and associations
constituted in accordance with the laws of foreign countries, even when
they are authorised to conduct operations within the limits of the
Russian Empire.

5. In the territories of Kuban and Kars, the circuits of Sukhum,
Batoum, and Artvinsk, the districts of Zugdidsk, Senaksk, Osurgetsk,
Erivan, Sharuro-Daralagetsk, Surma, Nakhichevan, Zauguezursk,
Gebrailsk, Gevatsk, and Lenkorensk, and in the governments of Erivan,
Koutaiss, Elisavetpol, and Baku, the acquisition by foreigners of land
outside the ports and towns, and the right to use land is not permitted,
except for the establishment of works or factories and only on the
basis of special licenses issued in each individual case by the Civil
Governor-General of the Caucasus. This law does not, however, apply
to the acquisition of petroleum fields. It is applicable to all commercial

1 Arts. 822 and 830 of Vol. IX. of the Svod Zakonov, Ed. 1903.

§ 386.

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