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CHAPTER VI.—Rules to be observed by Commercial
Travellers in Russia.

Merchants, manufacturers and other persons or firms engaged in
trades, who by the production of certificates (carte de legitimation),
issued by the proper authorities of their respective countries, can prove
that they are entitled to engage in commerce and industries and that
they have paid the rates and taxes prescribed by the law, have the
right either personally or through commercial travellers in their employ
to purchase goods or take orders for goods in Russia.

In order to enjoy the rights in this respect which are conferred by
Russia through the Conventions on the subjects of the most-favoured
countries, the said merchants, manufacturers or persons must be
provided with special Trade Certificates, the dues for which levied in favour
of the Treasury are 150 roubles for a whole year, and 75 roubles in
case the said persons arrive in Russia at the beginning of the second
half year of each year. Local rates are in a preliminary way levied in
addition to the Government tax and do not ordinarily exceed 30 per
cent, of this tax.

Commercial travellers have to provide themselves with Trade
Certificates in the Custom House after their arrival in Russia. These
certificates hold good from the date of issue up to the 1st January of
the following year and are affixed to the passports of the commercial
travellers. These latter are bound to present certificates together
with the carte de legitimation as above, at the Courts of Exchequer
or to the Inspector of Taxes in the first town in which they arrive,
previous to beginning commercial operations. Commercial travellers
must also obtain a personal licence at the cost of 50 roubles. A
personal licence is not necessary if the traveller applies for a trading licence
in his own name. In order to take out a trading licence on behalf of
a firm, the traveller must produce a power of attorney or letter of
authority, and also a certificate of " licence to trade" issued by a
British Chamber of Commerce. Resident agents of foreign firms are
liable to the same taxation as Russian firms. Agents residing in Russian
towns, who do not travel, but who obtain orders from foreign firms in
their own name, and thus personally conduct their business without
the assistance of clerks, and without having any special establishments
in connection with their business, are only required to provide
themselves with a personal trading licence of the 4th category, the cost of
which in Petrograd and Moscow is 37 roubles, 50 kopecks, and in other
localities from 25 to 10 roubles. If an agent takes orders in his own
name, and also owns a mercantile establishment, he must pay 500
roubles for a trading licence, which qualifies him to do business
throughout the country. Should he confine his activity to Petrograd and
Moscow, he must pay 150 roubles for a licence, and from 125 to 50
roubles for a licence in any other locality. If the agent takes orders
in the name of a firm, the latter must be furnished with a trade licence
of 500 roubles, 150 roubles, 125 roubles, or 50 roubles, as specified
above, provided that the business is of a commercial character and on
a sliding scale (50 roubles to 1,500 roubles), and that the firm is engaged

§ 388.

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