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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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you work? — What is (are)
two and three? — Two and
three is (are) five. — Take
three from thirty-two. Three
from thirty-two leaves
twenty-nine. — What are five times
eleven? — Five times eleven
(or five elevens) are fifty-five.
Read every piece in this book,
not only once or twice, but
three, four, and five times!
Write every piece at least
three times.
Say the letters of the
May I introduce you to Miss
Smith (Mr. Smith)? — I am
very pleased to meet you. I
hope we shall meet again. —
What is your name? — My
name is Karl Anderson. Karl
is my Christian name, and
Anderson is my surname.
Spell your Christian name
(your surname)! I spell Karl
with a »K» (a capital »K»),
not with a »C». Spell the
following words: — count,
brother, seven, piece etc.
jo w’öhk? W’åt iz (a) t’oh
en thr’ih? T’oh en thr’ih
iz (a) f’aiv. T’eik thr’ih fråm
thöhtit’oh. Thr’ih fråm
thöhti-t’oh l’ihvz twentin’ain. W’åt
a f’aiv taimz il’evn? F’aiv
taimz il’evn (åh f’aiv il’evnz)
a fiftif’aiv. R’ihd ’evri p’ihs
in dh’is b’ok, n’åt åonli w’ans
åh tw’ais, bet thr’ih, f’åhr,
en f’aiv t’aimz! R’ait ’evri
p’ihs ĕt l’ihst thr’ih t’aimz!
S’ei dhĕ l’etĕz ĕv dhi
M’ei ai intrĕdj’ohs jo tĕ
mis sm’ith (miste sm’ith)? Ai
ĕm v’eri pl’ihzd tĕ m’iht jo.
Ai h’åop wi sjĕl m’iht ĕg’en.
W’åt iz j’åh n’eim? M’ai n’eim
iz k’ahl ’ändĕsĕn. K’ahl iz mai
kr’istjĕnneim ĕn ’ändĕsĕn iz
mai s’öhneim. Sp’el jå
kr’istjĕnneim (jå s’öhneim)! ’Ai
spel k’ahl widh ĕ k’ei (ĕ k’äpitl
k’ei), n’åt widh ĕ s’ih. Sp’el
dhĕ f’ålåing w’öhdz: k’aunt,
br’adhĕ, s’evn, p’ihs ets’etrĕ.
3. My English Primer.
What book is this? — It is
an English Primer. — It is the
book I learn English from. —
How many pages are there
in the book? — There are
one hundred and sixty
pages. Open the book! Read
3. Mai ’ingglisj pr’imĕ.
W’åt b’ok iz dh’is. It iz en
’ingglisj pr’imĕ. It iz dhĕ b’ok
ai l’öhn ’ingglisj fråm. H’au
meni p’eidzjiz ’ah dhäĕr in dhĕ
b’ok? Dhäĕr a w’an h’andrid
ĕn s’iksti p’eidzjiz. ’Åopn
dhĕ b’ok! R’ihd dhĕ f’öhst

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