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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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six. Sixty minutes make an
hour. Sixty seconds make a
minute. The morning lasts
until noon (12 o’clock in the
day), then come the afternoon,
evening, and night. In the
summer it is light in the
evenings, but in the winter
the evenings are long and dark.
At what time shall we meet?
— In half an hour (at five
o’clock sharp). — You won’t
be long will you? — No, I
shall be back in a few
minutes. I have been waiting for
twenty minutes.
(tĕ) s’iks. S’iksti m’inits m’eik
ĕn ’auĕ. S’iksti s’ekĕndz m’eik
ĕ m’init. Dhĕ m’åhning Tahsts
ant’il n’ohn (tw’elv ĕ kl’åk in
dhĕ d’ei), dh’en kam dhi
’ahftĕ-n’ohn, ’ihvning, ĕn n’ait. In dhĕ
s’amĕr it iz Tait in dhi
’ihv-ningz, bet in dhĕ w’intĕ dhi
’ihvningz a Tang ĕn d’ahk.
Et w’åt t’aim själ wi m’iht?
In h’ahf ĕn ’auĕ (ĕt f’aiv ĕ
kl’åk sj’ahp). Jo w’åont bi
Tang, w’il jo? N’åo, ai sjĕl,
bi b’äk in ĕ fj’oh m’inits.
Ai hĕv bin w’eiting fe tw’enti
7. Meals.
I have three meals a day:
breakfast, dinner, and supper.
I have breakfast at 10 o’clock,
dinner at 4 o’clock, and supper
at half past eight.
Breakfast is the first meal
of the day. For breakfast I
have porridge, a glass of milk
(sometimes two or three
glasses), bread (or rolls) and butter,
two boiled (fried) eggs, some
cold meat, and cheese. Then
I have a cup of tea or coffee
(chocolate). Father likes tea
better than coffee. On Sundays
I have eggs and bacon or
ham, and sometimes a cutlet
or some fried fish. I enjoy
my breakfast very much.
7. M’ihlz.
Ai hĕv thr’ih m’ihlz ĕ d’ei:
br’ekfĕst, d’inĕr, ĕn s’apĕ. Ai
hĕv br’ekfĕst ĕt t’en ĕ kl’åk,
d’inĕr ĕt f’åhr ĕ kl’åk, ĕn s’apĕr
ĕt h’ahf p’ahst ’eit.
Br’ekfĕst iz dhĕ f’öhst m’ihl
ĕv dhĕ d’ei. Få br’ekfĕst ai
hĕv p’åridzj, ĕ gl’ahs ĕv m’ilk
(s’amt’aimz t’oh åh thr’ih
gl’ah-siz), br’ed (åh r’åolz) ĕn b’atĕ,
t’oh b’åild (fr’aid) ’egz, sam
k’åold m’iht, ĕn tsj’ihz. Dh’en
ai hĕv ĕ k’ap ĕv t’ih åh k’åfi
(tsj’åkĕlit). F’ahdhĕol’aiks t’ih
b’etĕ dhĕn k’åfi. Ån s’andiz
ai hĕv ’egz ĕn b’eikn åh
h’äm, ĕn s’amt’aimz ĕ k’atlit åh
sam fr’aid f’isj. Ai indzj’åi
mai br’ekfĕst v’eri m’atsj.

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