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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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Dinner is ready when I come
home from the office. I have
had a heavy day, and I
have a good appetite. I am
very hungry and thirsty. I
commence with soup. Then I
have some fish (cod, soles,
plaice, whiting) or meat (beef,
mutton, veal or pork) with
vegetables and potatoes. I like
plenty of gravy.
A mutton chop (or a veal
cutlet) can be very delicious,
if it is tender, but I like a
joint of meat much better.
Then we have a pudding (rice,
macaroni, etc.).
My youngest sister is very
fond of sweets and cakes. She
often goes to a confectioner’s,
and eats three or four cakes
and a lot of sweets.
Yesterday I had dinner at a
restaurant, but I can’t say that
I enjoyed it. 1 had a
beefsteak that was as tough as a
piece of leather. But the ale
(stout) was excellent.
At five o’clock I usually
have a cup of tea. I take two
pieces of sugar, and very little
(plenty of) milk. I like very
strong (weak) tea. With it I
generally have a piece of cake,
and one or two biscuits.
The coffee in England is not
very nice, but the tea is deli-
D’inĕr iz r’edi wen ai kam
h’åom fråm dhi ’åfis. Ai hĕv
hed ĕ h’evi d’ei, ĕnd ai hĕv ĕ
g’od ’äpitait. Ai ĕm v’eri
h’anggri ĕn th’öhsti. Ai
kåm-’ens widh s’ohp. Dh’en ai hĕv
sam f’isj (k’åd, s’åolz, pl’eis,
w’aiting), åh m’iht (b’ihf, m’atn,
v’ihl åh p’åhk) widh
v’edzji-tĕbiz ĕn pĕt’eitåz. Ai l’aik
pl’enti ĕv gr’eivi.
E m’atn tsj’åp (åh ĕ v’ihl
k’atlit) ken bi v’eri dil’isjĕs,
’if it iz t’endĕ, bet ai l’aik ĕ
dzj’åint ĕv m’iht m’atsj b’etĕ.
Dh’en wi tjev ĕ p’oding (r’ais,
mäkĕr’åoni, ets’etrĕ).
Mai j’anggist s’istĕr iz v’eri
f’ånd ĕv sw’ihts ĕn k’eiks. Sji
’åhfn g’åoz tĕ ĕ kånf’eksjĕnĕz,
ĕnd ’ihts thr’ih åh f’åh k’eiks
ĕnd ĕ l’åt ĕv sw’ihts.
J’estĕdi ai hed d’inĕr ĕt ĕ
r’estĕrång, bet ai k’ahnt s’ei
dhĕt ai indzj’åid it. Ai hed ĕ
b’ihfst’eik cjlhĕt wåz ĕz t’af ĕz
ĕ p’ihs ĕV l’edhĕ. Bet dhi
’eil (st’aut) wåz ’eksĕlĕnt.
Et f’aiv g kl’åk ai j’ohzjoĕli
hĕv ĕ k’ap ĕ]v t’ih. Ai t’eik t’oh
p’ihsiz ĕv éj’ogĕ, ĕn v’eri Utl
(pl’enti ĕv) m’ilk. Ai l’aik v’eri
str’ång (w’ihk) t’ih. Widh it
ai dzj’enĕrĕli hĕv ĕ p’ihs ĕv
k’eik, ĕn w’an åh t’oh b’iskits.
Dhĕ k’åfi in ’ingglĕnd iz n’åt
veri n’ais bet dhĕ t’ih iz dil’i-

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