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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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caned (birched). »Spare the
rod and spoil the child!» When
children are naughty you say
to them, »behave yourselves»
or »stop that».
I see with my eyes, I hear
with my ears, I smell with
my nose, I taste with my
tongue, and I chew my food
with my teeth,
10. What a Child.
A mother had a child, who
was anything but pretty. When
she went to see friends, she
was always very anxious to
learn what they thought of it.
One old gentleman thought
he had never seen such an
ugly child before, but he very
diplomatically said: »What a
child, what a child!», and the
mother was very delighted,
thinking he was admiring her
11. A Quarrel.
The different parts of the
body once complained that
they had too much work to do.
The brain had to think, the
legs had to walk, the hands
had to work, the lungs had to
breathe, the throat had to
swallow, and the heart had to
pump the blood through all
the veins in the body. The
té bi k’eind (b’öhtsjt). »Sp’äĕ
dhĕ r’åd ĕn sp’åil dhĕ tsj’aild.»
Wen tsj’ildrĕn a n’åhti jo s’ei
tĕ dhĕm, bih’eiv jås’elvz åh,
st’åp dh’ät!
Ai s’ih widh mai ’aiz, ai
h’iĕ- widh mai ’iĕz, ai sm’el
widh mai n’åoz, ai t’eist widh
mai t’ang, ĕnd ai tsj’oh mai
f’ohd widh mai t’ihth.
10. W’åt ĕ tsj’aild.
E m’adhĕ had ĕ tsj’aild, ho
wåz ’enithing bet pr’iti. Wen
sji went tĕ s’ih fr’endz, sji
wåz ’åhlwiz v’eri ’ängsjĕs tĕ
l’öhn wåt dhei th’åht ĕv it.
W’an ’åold dzj’entlmĕn th’åht
hi hed n’evĕ s’ihn satsj ĕn
’agli tsj’aild bif’åh, bet hi v’eri
diplåm’ätikĕli s’ed: »W’åt ĕ
tsj’aild, w’åt ĕ tsj’aild!», ĕn
dhĕ m’adhĕ wåz v’eri dil’aitid,
th’ingking hi wåz ĕdm’aiĕring
hĕ tsj’aild.
11. E kw’årél.
Dhĕ d’ifĕrĕnt p’ahts ĕv dhĕ
b’ådi w’ans kåmpl’eind dhĕt*
dhei hed t’oh m’atsj w’öhk tĕ
d’oh. Dhĕ br’ein had tĕ
th’ingk, dhĕ l’egz had tĕ w’åhk,
dhĕ h’ändz had tĕ w’öhk, dhĕ
l’angz had tĕ br’ihdh, dhĕ
thr’åot had tĕ sw’ålå, ĕn dhĕ
h’aht had tĕ p’amp dhĕ bl’ad
throh ’åhl dhĕ v’einz in dhĕ

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