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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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the left side (or part my hair
in the middle). I then put
on a collar.
The other day I dropped
the collar stud, and I looked
quite five minutes for it before
I found it. Lastly I tie my
tie, and put on my waistcoat
and coat, and look in the glass
to see if my tie is straight.
My hair is rather long, so I
must go to the hairdresser’s
(barber’s) and have it cut, but
I never let him shave me. It
is cheaper to shave oneself.
I put on a pair of clean
cuffs yesterday, so I don’t
think I need a clean pair again
to-day. — Have you a good
washerwoman? Oh yes, the
one I have now, is very good.
She irons and starches very
well, and mends my things,
and darns my socks if I tell
her to.
What do you think of my
sleeve-links? — They look
awfully nice. — Are they real
gold? — Oh no, they were
not at all expensive, I only
gave two shillings for them. —
Where did you buy them? —
At Anderson’s in the Svea Road.
— Your boots look very badly
polished. — Yes, I know they^
do, we have such bad
boot-polish now, I must try a new
ån dhĕ 1’eft s’aid (åh p’aht
mai h’äĕr in dhĕ m’idl). Ai
dh’en p’ot ’ån ĕ k’ålĕ.
Dhi ’adhĕ d’ei ai dr’åpt dhĕ
k’ålĕ stad, ĕnd ai l’okt kw’ait
f’aiv m’inits får it bif’åh ai
faund it. L’ahstli ai t’ai mai
t’ai, ĕn p’ot ’ån mai w’eiskåot
ĕn k’åot, ĕn l’ok in dhĕ gl’ahs
tĕ s’ih if mai t’ai iz str’eit.
Mai h’äĕr iz r’ahdhĕ Tang, såo
ai mest g’åo tĕ dhĕ h’äĕdresĕz
(b’ahbĕz) ĕn hav it k’at, bet
ai n’evĕ let him sj’eiv mi. It
iz tsj’ihpĕ tĕ sjeiv wans’elf.
Ai p’ot ’ån ĕ p’äĕr ĕv kl’ihn
k’afs j’estĕdi, såo ai d’åont
thingk ai ni’hd ĕ kl’ihn p’äĕr
ĕg’en tĕd’ei. H’äv jo ĕ g’od
w’åsjĕwomĕn? ’Åo J’es, dhĕ
w’an ai hav n’au iz v’eri g’od.
Sji ’aiĕnz ĕn st’ahtsjiz v’eri
w’el, ĕn m’endz mai th’ingz,
ĕn d’ahnz mai s’åks if ai fel
hĕ to.
W’åt do jo th’ingk ĕv mai
sl’ihvlingks? Dhei lok ’åhfuli
no’ais. ’Ah dhei r’iĕl g’åold?
’Åo n’åo, dhei wö nåt ĕt
’åhl iksp’ensiv, ai ’åonli geiv
t’oh sj’ilingz få dhĕm. W’äĕ
did jo b’ai dhĕm? Et
’än-dĕsĕnz in dhĕ sv’eiĕ r’åod.
Jå b’ohts l’ok veri b’ädli
p’ålisjt? J’es, ai n’åo dhei
d’oh, wi hav satsj b’äd
b’oht-pålisj n’au, ai mest tr’ai ĕ nj’oh

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