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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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In the summer evenings we
sometimes go for a long
bicycle ride, or a sail, or row
on the river.
On a hot day it is very
refreshing to have a bathe
(swim, dip). I can swim like
a fish, and have dived (jumped)
from a diving-board, which is
fifteen metres high.
In the winter we occasionally
go to the cinema (to see the
pictures) or to the theatre.
If there is nothing special
on, I usually go to bed at
10 o’clock, or a little after,
and sleep the sleep of the just.
Note. I go, or am going,
or have been to church, to
the theatre, to a concert, to a
party; but I am or was at
church, at the theatre, at a
concert, at a party.
In dhĕ s’amĕr ihvningz wi
s’amtaimz gåo får ĕ Tang
b’aisikl raid, åhr ĕ s’eil, åh r’åo
ån dhĕ r’ivĕ.
Ån ĕ h’ät d’ei it iz v’eri
rifr’esjing tĕ hav ĕ b’eidh
(sw’im, d’ip). Ai ken sw’im laik
ĕ f’isj, ĕn hĕv d’aivd (dzj’ampt)
fråm ĕ d’aivingbåhd, witsj iz
f’iftihn m’ihtĕz h’ai.
In dhĕ w’intĕ wi åk’eizjĕneli
g’åo tĕ dhĕ s’inimĕ (tĕ sih dhĕ
p’iktsjĕz) åh tĕ dhĕ th’iĕtĕ.
If dhäĕr iz n’athing sp’esjĕl
’ån, ai j’ohzjoĕli gåo tĕ b’ed ĕt
t’en ĕ kl’åk, åh ĕ Utl ’ahftĕ, ĕn
sl’ihp dhĕ sl’ihp ĕv dhĕ dzj’ast.
N’å o t. Ai g’åo, åhr ’äm
g’åoing, åh h’äv b’ihn t’oh
tsj’öhtsj t’oh dhĕ th’iĕtĕ, t’oh ĕ
k’ånsĕt, t’oh ĕ p’ahti; b’atai ’äm
åh w’åhz ’ät tsj’öhtsj, ’ät dhĕ
th’iĕtĕ, ’ät ĕ k’ånsĕt, ’ät ĕ p’ahti.
23. Lady’s
The washerwoman has just
come to fetch the washing
(dirty linen). I have a good
many things to send to the
wash this week. We must
ask her to send the washing
home on Friday, as we are
going away early on Saturday
23. L’eidiz
Dhĕ w’åsjĕwomĕn hĕz dzj’ast
k’am tĕ f’etsj dhĕ w’åsjing
(d’öhti l’inin). Ai hĕv ĕ g’od
m’eni th’ingz tĕ s’end tĕ dhĕ
w’åsj dhis w’ihk. Wi mest
’ahsk he tĕ send dhĕ w’åsjing
h’åom ån fr’aidi, ĕz wi a
g’åoing ĕw’ei ’öhli ån s’ätĕdi

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