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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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some note-books. Here are
some. — None of these will do.
I want some larger ones.—
This kind sir? — Yes, those
will do very nicely. — Is there
anything else? — No, thank
you, nothing else.
Will you give me some more
tea, please? — lam sorry there
is not any left. — Won’t you
sing something? — I would
with pleasure, but I haven’t
any music with me. — Will
you have some more meat? —
No thank you. I won’t have
any more. He wanted to
borrow some money, but I hadn’t
any to lend him.
sĕm n’aotboks. H’iĕ a s’am..
N’an ĕv dh’ihz wil d’oh. Ai
w’ånt sam l’ahdzjĕ wanz.
Dh’is k’aind, so? J’es, dh’åoz
wil doh v’eri n’aisli. Iz dhäĕr
’enithing ’els? N’åo, thängk
jo, n’athing ’els.
Wil jo g’iv mi sam måh
t’ih, plihz? Ai ĕm s’åri, dhäĕr
iz n’åt eni reft. W’åont jo
s’ing samthing? Ai w’od
widh pl’ezjĕ, bet ai h’ävnt
eni mj’ohzik widh mi. Wil
jo hav sam m’åh m’iht? N’åo,
thängk jo. Ai w’åont hav eni
m’åh. Hi w’åntid tĕ b’årå
sĕm m’ani, bet ai h’ädnt eni
iĕ l’end him.
30. Illness.
I felt very worried about
Alice yesterday. She
complained of a sore throat, pains in
her chest, headache and
sickness, and when I took her
temperature this morning, it
was very high. I was afraid
she was going to have an
infectious illness, such as
diphtheria, typhoid fever, or
scarlet fever, so I sent for the
doctor, who came immediately.
The doctor felt her pulse,
examined her lungs, and looked
at her tongue. He said I must
not be anxious. Alice had
taken a severe chill (caught a
30. ’Ilnis.
Ai felt v’eri w’arid ĕb’aut
’älis j’estĕdi. Sji kåmpl’eind
ĕv ĕ s’åh thr’åot, p’einz in
he tsj’est, h’edeik ĕn
s’ik-nis, ĕn wen ai t’ok he
t’empĕritsjĕ dhis m’åhning, it
wåz v’eri h’ai. Ai wåz ĕfr’eid
sji wåz gåoing tĕ h’äv ĕn
infeksjĕs ’ilnis, satsj ĕz
dif-th’iĕriĕ, t’aifåidf’ihvĕråhsk’ahlit
fihvĕ, såo ai s’ent få dhĕ
d’åktĕ, ho k’eim im’ihdjĕtli.
Dhĕ d’åktĕ felt hĕ p’als,
igz’ämind hĕ l’angz, ĕn l’okt
ĕt hĕ fang. Hi sed ai mast
n’åt bi ’ängsjĕs. ’Alis hed
t’eikn ĕ siv’iĕ tsj’il (k’åht ĕ

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