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calf with thick soles suitable
for a walking tour.
Shop Assistant: What
size do you take, sir?
C.: Eights, I think, but I
must have a wide make.
S. A.: Will you try these on?
C.: These feel fairly
comfortable, but they are rather too
tight across (over) the instep.
S. A.: If you wait a minute
I will have them stretched a
little, and perhaps in the
meantime I can show you some
dancing pumps or some tennis
C.: I want a thick winter
overcoat. I don’t know if a
ready-made one will fit me,
or if I must have it made to
S. A.: Will you try some
on? — This one I can highly
recommend, it is all wool, very
light in weight, and warm.
C.: This one seems to fit
me very well, but the sleeves
are too long. I think it wants
taking up on the shoulders.
S, A.: We will soon make
those slight alterations, and
there will be no extra charge
for them. We can let you have
it to-morrow. Will you pay for
it now or on delivery?
kahf widh th’ik s’åolz si’ohtebl
får ĕ w’åhking toĕ.
Sj’åp ĕs’istĕnt: W’åt s’aiz
do jo t’eik, so?
Sih: ’Eits, ai thingk, bet ai
m’ast hav ĕ w’aid m’eik.
’Es ’ei: Wil jo tr’ai dh’ihz ’ån?
Sih: Dh’ihz f ihl fäeli
k’am-fĕtĕbl, bet dhei a r’ahdhĕ t’oh
t’ait ĕkr’åhs (’åovĕ) dhi ’instep.
’Es ’ei: If jo w’eit ĕ m’init
ai wil hav dhĕm str’etsjt ĕ
l’itl, ĕn pĕh’äps in dhĕ
m’ihn-taim ai ken sj’åo jo sĕm
d’ahnsing pamps åh sĕm t’enis
Sih: Ai w’ånt ĕ th’ik w’intĕr
’åovekåot. Ai d’åont n’åo if ĕ
r’edimeid w’an wil fit mi,
åh if ai mest hĕv it m’eid tĕ
’Es ’ei: Wil jo tr’ai s’am
’ån? Dh’is wän ai ken h’aili
rekĕm’end, it iz åhl w’ol, v’eri
l’ait in w’eit, ĕn w’åhm.
Sih: Dh’is wän sihmz tĕ fit
mi v’eri w’el, bet dhĕ sl’ihvz
a t’oh l’ång. Ai th’ingk it wants
t’eiking ’ap ån dhĕ sj’åoldĕz.
’Es ’ei: Wi wil s’ohn meik
dh’åoz sl’ait åhltĕr’eisjĕnz, ĕn
dhäĕ wil bi n’åo ’ekstrĕ tsj’ahdzj
få dhĕm. Wi ken let jo h’äv
it tĕm’årå. Wil jo p’ei får it
n’au åhr ån dil’ivĕri?

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