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(1887) [MARC] Author: Hinrich Rink
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Denna sida har korrekturlästs minst en gång. (skillnad) (historik)

kípoq, kitdlivoq, kerdluk small. — L. akkekipok is

kisarpoq, only used in optative: do not!

ko, —koq ruined or dissolved in its parts — L. aumako
charcoal, illako a piece broken off.

kôrpoq probably.

kulaq clumsy.

kuluk miserable — umiakuluk a. m. boat.

͟kúpâ (bd) believes it to be . . .piúkúpâ b. it to be useful

͟ ′ kut (plural) family or companions of . . .

lârpoq a little.

lavoq, indicates a certain state of moveableness. — W.
sukaladu «quick» (G. sukavoq goes quickly).

leq, · dleq farthest towards — L. alleq lowest. — C.
akuydlirn middlemost. — M. kingulerk hindmost. — W. kadlik outer
garment (G. qak surface).

— dlerpâ (I) regales him with . . .

— dlerpâ (II) (bd), indicates: bringing in a bad situation.

lerpoq begins lo . . ., now.

lerssârpoq intends lo . . .

lertorpoq in a short time.

lik having, or furnished with. — L. aulik bloody (auk blood).
W. omaylik «chief» (boat-owner), tunyalik «shaman» (having
guardian spirits).

.dliorpoq (bd) is incumbered with . . .

.dlivoq (bd) grows, becomes. — aydlivoq g. larger (angitoq is

luarpoq a little loo much — C. peelooakpoke «too little»
(G. pĩpoq is poor?).

.dluarpoq well, right.

.dlugpoq, —lugpoq has or is bad. — M. iyaluktoark has bad
eyes (G. isse eye).

.dluínarpoq completely.

.dluk, — luk bad — M. tsillaluk bad weather (G. sila weather).

͟ ′ mak , ͟ ′ mauvoq skilled in . . .C. pimmain a skilful man,

mavoq is in the state of . . .L. ikkomavok is burning
(G. ikípâ kindles it).

mivoq (bd) perverted, awkward.

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