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a hindrance to trade, as was the high protective
tariff of 1834, which contributed largely to reduce the
once large trade between the two countries. There
is not any considerable commerce with Norway; on
the side of Finland it consists mainly in the
purchase of herrings, the value of which import in 1899
was about half a million marks.

The export trade to France in 1899 was of the value
of 14 million marks, including battens to the value of
4 millions, boards 5⅓ millions, planks and deals 1¼
millions, and wood for pulp 1⅓ millions, the latter
being carried to France, instead of being changed
into pulp or cellulose in Finland, on account of the
French duty. It is noticeable that Finland purchases 1½
million marks’ worth of Cognac and only half a million
marks’ worth of wine, half of the wine being taken
through Germany. There is an import of wheat-meal
to the value of half a million marks; and the total
imports were worth 4⅓ millions.

Spain buys planks and deals to the value of
4 million marks, battens to the value of 2 million,
boards one million; in all an import worth 7½ millions;
and she exports about half this value to Finland,
the export including salt, wine, raisins, and some
other articles. During the war with the United States
in 1898, the Spanish import of wood decreased by
nearly 2 millions, but has now again increased.

The commerce with Holland consists mainly of
the sale of wood to Holland, especially boards and
battens, the total export from Finland being worth
8 million marks. The commerce with Belgium is
more equally divided, a great number of articles
being imported to Finland from Antwerp, as for instance
rice, railway-waggons, and rope. The total export from
Belgium was of the value of about 5½ million marks;

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