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(1902) [MARC] Author: Niels Christian Frederiksen
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south more than half the country, might produce a
much larger catch, as well as the sea near the coast.
In the Finnish lakes the catch is only 1½ or at the
utmost 3 kilos of fish per hectare, against 25 in East
Prussia, and 45 in Silesia. Some private societies,
including one on the river Vuoski, do good work.
The Government Inspector ought to have larger means
at his disposal. There is certainly a source of wealth
here which it would pay to develop in the same
manner as, for instance, in the United States, where
the natural conditions are very similar.

If we look at a map of Finland we notice that the
situation of Northern Finland is the same as that of
Russia before Peter the Great. It is a large country
without any outlet to the sea, although the sea is not
very distant. In fact, this northern coast is endowed
by Nature with great riches which only need to be
utilised. The adjoining Russian coast on the Polar Sea,
and also the coast running down into the White Sea,
are as rich as that of the adjacent Norwegian coast,
offering the best opportunity for fishing in the world,
and rich in cod and other fishes. The Gulf Stream
keeps it open the whole year, and it differs in this
respect from the coast of Finland farther south. It
has at least three most excellent harbours,
Peisenfjord, Jekaterin (since 1900 called Alexandrovsk),
and Jeretik, of which only the harbour of Jekaterin
is now being utilised, owing to measures taken by
the late able Governor of Archangel, Engelhardt.
There are excellent localities for docks, wharfs, and
everything else needed in a great harbour. In fact,
the poor population of the interior has during a
number of years regularly migrated to this rich coast
in order to participate in the fishing. For some years,
from the middle of the century until about 1875,

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