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(1902) [MARC] Author: Niels Christian Frederiksen
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now hardly any population in this great northern
country. On the coast there are a couple of
thousand persons living by fishing, about 1000 Finns, 250
Russians, 150 Russian Carelians, and some Lapps.
Of these Lapps, who number about 1000 in the
whole Russian Lapmark, a few are Lutherans using
books obtained from Norway; while most are of the
Greek Orthodox Church, knowing, however, literally
only three words about religion, the first three of the
Confession. The great country farther south, as far
as Kem, a small place not far from the renowned
Solovetski Island Monastery on the White Sea, is
inhabited by at the most some 20,000 Carelians,
separated from the Carelians in Finland by their religion and
lack of culture. In fact, the Greek Orthodox religion
is next to impossible for these northern countries,
for the simple reason that it does not allow the use
of meat, nor of milk or eggs on the greater number
of days in the year, whereas strong animal food seems
to be an absolute necessity for people who live near
the Pole. Also the land can hardly be utilised for
any other purpose than that of stock-raising. There
is enough grazing, at present very little utilised, but
nobody will raise stock when milk and other produce
may not be used. It is unnecessary to explain to
what use the Finnish administration and the Finnish
people might put these natural conditions, which are
in many ways rather favourable. Also the streams on
which the wood must be carried down, which is now
growing in value in the Northern Finnish Government
forests, run either to the Polar or to the White Sea.
From the Norwegian ports in the same district, fishing,
seal-catching, and whaling has lately been carried on in
northern latitudes, bringing in between one and two
million kroner per annum. Finally, the new Russian

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