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(1889) [MARC] Author: Georg Brandes Translator: Samuel Coffin Eastman - Tema: Russia
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his Majesty the Tsar Alexander III. And voluntary
subscribers were not wanting when it was supported by
the order of the government. All the institutions and
foundations of the Crown, the schools, courts, etc., were
bound to support this sheet.

When Katkóf died, and the state of his fortune came
to light, his name lost a large share of its glamour. He
left an astonishingly large fortune, so large that it could
not be explained except by gifts from the rich merchants
of Moscow. Katkóf had indeed met their views by
opposing all reduction of the tariff. It also made a
disagreeable impression on the Tsar that he, by an evasion
of the law, by a transfer of his property in his lifetime,
cheated the State of the succession tax in addition.

Besides the Moskovskiya Vyedomosti, which still
exists but has lost all importance, there has just been
started another newspaper in a similar spirit. The
weekly newspaper Grazhdanin (The Citizen) has
become a daily, and, according to report, the government
will grant it a large annual subsidy. It is to be edited
by the well known author of poor novels, Prince Meshcherski,
a re-actionist and tale-bearer, is to have the
same drift as Katkóf’s paper, only with out-and-out
servility instead of talent.

The more important monthlies play a greater part
than in any other land, for the rules of the censorship
allow much to appear in a periodical that would be
forbidden in a book form. Nevertheless in the last ten
years several of the best Russian reviews, like the
Dyelo, for example, have been suppressed. Every month
there appears a number of each of the large periodicals,
as thick as two numbers of the Revue des deux Mondes

The best known is Vyestnik Yevropi (The European

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