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(1889) [MARC] Author: Georg Brandes Translator: Samuel Coffin Eastman - Tema: Russia
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They are impregnated with the modesty of genuine and
refined culture. While the German, whether he has a
better or poorer opinion of himself, always — and with
a certain degree of right — acts upon the theory of the
conceded superiority of German science, the Russian
often places the information and knowledge of the
foreigner above his own. The more he knows, the less
contented he is in general with the development of science
in Russia.

Among the scientists and authors in Russia there are
men of great originality, men whose whole being shows
how much originality is suppressed by the Russian rule.
Such a man is the naturalist Mikluho-Maklay.

He is not only a distinguished anthropologist, but
king of the Australasian island which bears his name.
He came back to St. Petersburg with his wife, an
Englishwoman from Sidney, to publish a great work. As
king he had the right on his island to have one hundred
and forty-seven native wives, but, according to his own
account, he has not availed himself of it. He is a fine
man, with white hair, nearly fifty years old, with a
splendid head and young eyes. He is such a sufferer
from the gout that he lies all day long stretched out on
a deer-skin. He loves as his place of residence only the
island Maklay and the Happy Men’s Islands, which
surround it.

The following little trait is genuine Russian: On his
table stands a lamp, made of the skull of a woman he
once loved, a young girl whom he nursed in the hospital
when as a young man he was studying medicine. Above
the skull is an oil-receiver and above this a green
lamp-shade. By the light of this lamp he does his work
in all parts of the world. Probably it is only a Russian
that would rather linger over the skull of his mistress

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