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(1913) [MARC] Author: August Strindberg Translator: Claud Field
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I.—“You don’t know that my father’s mother
was called Neipperg——”

M.—“Stop! Unhappy man!”

I.—“And that my little Christina resembles
the greatest murderer of the century to a hair.
Only look at her, the little tyrant, the man-tamer
at two and a half!”

M.—“You are mad.”

I.—“Yes! And what sins have you women
formerly committed, since your lot is still harder
than ours? See how justly I have called woman
our evil angel. Each has his or her deserts.”

M.—“To be a woman is a twofold hell.”

I. —“And so woman is a twofold devil. As
regards reincarnation, that is a Christian doctrine
which has been maintained by some of the
clergy. Christ said that John the Baptist was
Elijah reborn on earth. Is that an authority
or not?”

M.—“Yes, but the Roman Church forbids
inquiry into secrets.”

I.—“And science permits it, as soon as science
itself is tolerated.”


The spirits of discord are abroad, and despite
of the fact that we are quite aware of their
game and our freedom from blame in the matter,

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