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(1913) [MARC] Author: August Strindberg Translator: Claud Field
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our repeated misunderstandings leave a bitter
wish for revenge behind them. Moreover, both
sisters suspect that my evil wishes caused their
mother’s mysterious illness, and remembering
that it is to my interest to have my separation
from my wife terminated, they cannot suppress
the fairly reasonable thought that the death of
the old lady would cause me joy. The mere
existence of this wish makes me hateful in their
eyes, and I do not venture any more to ask how
their mother is because I fear to be regarded as
a hypocrite.

The situation is strained, and my two former
friends exhaust themselves in endless discussions
regarding my person, my character, my
feelings, and the sincerity of my love for the
little one. At one time they regard me as a
saint, and the scars in my hands as wound-prints.
And certainly the marks on my palms resemble
large nail-holes. But in order to put an end
to all ideas of saintship, I designate myself the
penitent thief, who has come down from the cross
and started on his pilgrimage to Paradise.

Another time, they try to solve the riddle by
regarding me as Robert the Devil. At that
time many incidents occurred, sufficient to give
ground for fearing that I might be stoned by

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