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(1913) [MARC] Author: August Strindberg Translator: Claud Field
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reason. To be accused of witchcraft is a very
serious matter, and “even after death one will not
escape punishment.”

Further calamities follow. In the course of
a month about five well-known astronomers die,
one after another. I fear my fanatical friend,
whom I credit with the cruelty of a Druid and
with the power of the Hindu yogis who can kill
at a distance.

Here is a new hell of anxieties. From this
day onwards I forget the demons, and direct all
my attention to the unwholesome ranks of the
theosophists and their magicians, the Hindu
sages, supposed to be gifted with incredible
powers. I now feel myself condemned to death,
and keep sealed my papers, in which, in case of
my sudden death, I have specified the murderers.
Then I wait.

A few miles eastward on the bank of the
Danube, lies the little chief town of the district
Grein. There, I am told, a stranger from Zanzibar
has arrived at the end of November in
midwinter. That is enough to rouse doubts and
dark thoughts in a morbid mind. I try to
obtain information regarding the stranger, whether
he is really an African, whence he has come, and
what is his object?

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