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(1913) [MARC] Author: August Strindberg Translator: Claud Field
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“See, papa! see! there is the sun!” exclaims
the child, and clasps her hands together. I rise
in confusion, a prey to the most conflicting feelings.
“A chance? No!” I say to myself. Is
it the wonder, the sign I prayed for? But that
would be too much to grant to one fallen into
disfavour like me. The Eternal does not interfere
in the little affairs of earth-worms. And
yet this ray of light abides in my heart like a
happy smile on a discontented face. During the
couple of minutes which I take in walking to
my little house, the clouds have formed themselves
into strange-shaped groups, and in the
east, where the veil has lifted, the sky is as
green as an emerald, or a meadow in mid-summer.
I stand in my room and wait in a
state between reverie and mild compunction,
which has no fear in it, for something which
I cannot exactly define.

Then suddenly there is a single thunder-clap
over my head. No flash has preceded it. At
first I feel alarmed, and wait for the usual rain
and storm to follow. But nothing happens; all
is perfectly quiet, and it is over. “Why,” I
ask myself, “have I not sunk down in humility
before the voice of the Eternal?” Because, when
the Almighty with majestic condescension

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