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Carlingford Loughs, west to Leixlip, south to Wicklow,
Wexford 1
and even as far as Waterford. The Dublin kings
intermarried with royal families in Ireland, England and
Scotland, and between the years 919 and 950 ruled, though
in somewhat broken succession, as Kings of York.
Limerick (O.N. Hlymrek)
the great stronghold on the
west coast^ had no existence as a city before the ninth
century. It was first occupied during the reign of Turgeis
by Vikings, who used the harbour as a base for their ships.
The only chieftains mentioned in connection with this
kingdom during the ninth century are Hona and Tomrir
Torra (O.N. Th6rarr Th6rri), who were slain about the
year 860 in attempting to capture Waterford. 4
A few years
later Barith (O.N. Barthr) and Haimar (O.N. Heimarr)
when marching through Connacht on their way to Limerick,
were attacked by the Connachtmen and forced to retreat.*
The real importance of Limerick, however, dates from the
early part of the tenth century when it was colonised by
Vikings under Tomar (Th6rir) son of Elgi (O.N. Helgi).
To secure the fort against attack an earthen mound was
built all round, and gates were placed at certain distances
Guthfrith went with his forces to relieve it. In 927 the
of I,inn Duachaill
accompanied Guthfrith when he marched on
York. See Steenstrup, op. cit., III., p. 115.
Wexford was also governed by earls. One of them, Accolb, is
mentioned in the Annals of the Four Masters, A.D. 928.
8 The Irish name Luimnech (hence O.N. Hlymrek) was originally
applied to the estuary of the Shannon, but was afterwards confined
to the town itself when it had risen to importance under Scandinavian
8 Annals of the Four Masters, A.D. 843 ;
War of the Gaedhil with
the Gaill, p. 8.
*Three Fragments of Annals, pp. 167, 144-6. War of the Gaedhil
with the Gaill, ch. 23.
*Three Fragments of Annals, pp. 173-175 ; Chronicon Scotnrum,
A..D. 887.

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