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(1914) Author: Hector Jungersen, Eugen Warming
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Japetus Steenstrup’s interest, as is well known, extended to almost all groups
within Zoology. Among the Arthropods he has given us works on Crustacea,
partly alone, partly together with Lütken; further he published in 1857 a note
about the species of Phytoptus living on the Scandinavian trees and other
plants. On the other hand there exists no work by Steenstrup on Insects; it is
known however, that also that class had caught his interest. Most frequently it
was forms with specially interesting biology or in other ways peculiar, which
attracted Steenstrup’s attention, and roused his desire to make a closer study.
So also concerning the Insects; he had here fixed his attention on the pelagic
Hemipteres, a group which on account of its marine occurrence stands out so
characteristic and isolated. For a time he thought of writing a monograph of these
animals together with Meinert, but this plan was never realized.

No wonder that Steenstrup had thought of such a monograph, for he was in
possession of an exceedingly large material of those animals, belonging to the study
collection of the University of Copenhagen. As is well known Steenstrup had a whole
staff of collectors, especially sea-captains, whom he had managed to interest in a
very high degree in collecting work, and from whom he therefore received abundant
material from many different parts of the world. In reality Steenstrup in this
manner succeeded in procuring a material, especially of Plankton-forms, far
surpassing that of any other museum at that time. Steenstrup also in his works
names several of the collectors with acknowledgments. It is again the same names
we meet associated with the material of Halobatids, especially A. F. Andréa and
V. Hygom.

After the death of Steenstrup his material of Halobates came to the
Department of Arthropods of the Museum. Besides imagines and larvæ it contained also
a large collection of eggs of those animals; this collection is of great interest, as
only very little is known of the eggs of Halobates. It is also to be seen that
Steenstrup had strongly fixed his attention upon the eggs; for together with his material

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