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(1914) Author: Hector Jungersen, Eugen Warming
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there also were some coloured drawings of egg-masses and eggs, which had been
executed by the late Chr. Thornam; besides there were some Pro Memoria notes
written by Steenstrup, which for a great part dealt with the eggs, and with
such questions concerning them as Steenstrup thought had especially to be
answered. It therefore seems to me that when a memorial volume of Steenstrup
is published, no more fitting opportunity of bringing forward the drawings left
by him may be found, and on account of the interest attached to the figures it
also gives me great satisfaction to see them published. For completeness I have added
some figures on the plate (figs. 5—7). I shall then in connection therewith give an
account of the whole material of Halobates-eggs, which, besides the original
Steenstrup material, consists of a few collections added afterwards.

As mentioned not much has hitherto been known of the eggs of Halobates. Léon
communicates (Bull. de la Soc. Ent. de Fr. 1848, II, XXVI) that he had
got a number of specimens of Halobates flaviventris Esch. and sericeus Esch., among
which there were some females with strongly swollen abdomen, and by dissection
15—20 eggs were found, which are described as oblong, rather large and of pale
yellow colour. Buchnan White (Voy. of Chall. XIX, 1883, 71, Pl. III, fig. 30)
describes and figures the egg of H. Wüllerstorffi Frauenf., also an ovarial egg; it is
stated to be of a length of 1,2 mm and a diameter of 0,8 mm, and the shell is
without any special structure; the number of eggs in a female was about 25. In
1879 Mosely (Notes by a Naturalist on the Chall. London 1879, 572) had
communicated that Halobates carries the eggs fixed to the abdomen, but without any
further particulars, and Buchnan White states in his work that Moseley had
communicated to him, that the mentioned statement was an error. It seems, however,
to be as originally stated by Moseley, for Walker communicates (Entom. Month.
Mag. 2, IV, 1893, 231) that among specimens of H. Wüllerstorffi from the Marquesas
Islands he found two females, one of which had three, the other one egg fixed
to the end of abdomen, and Sharp figures a female (of H. sobrinus) procured by
Walker, and carrying three eggs (Cambridge Nat. Hist. VI, 1899, 511, fig. 265).
Walker describes the eggs as cylindric, with rounded ends, deep ochreous-yellow,
and of a length of fully 1 mm. Finally Heidemann (Proc. Wash. Academ. of Sc.
III, 1901) mentions a female of H. Wüllerstorffi, taken west of Mexico, with eggs
attached to the end of the abdomen.

The eggs mentioned here were thus either ovarial eggs, or eggs found fastened
to the end of the abdomen of the female, and in the latter case it probably only
will apply to the females bearing the eggs for a short time, till a suitable place for
deposition is found; but where to seek this place, thereof the records mentioned did
not give any information. Uhler supposed (Standard Nat. Hist. II, Boston, 1884,

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