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(1921) Author: Sigrid Undset
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find his way home. He doesn’t seem used to travelling. Did
you know him before?”

“Haven’t the slightest recollection of it. I may have met
him somewhere. Here they are.”

Ahlin took Miss Jahrman’s coat.

“By Jove!” said Heggen. “How smart you are tonight,
Cesca. Pretty as paint.”

She smiled, evidently pleased, and smoothed her hips; then,
taking Heggen by the shoulders: “Move out, please, I want
to sit by Jenny.”

How pretty she is, thought Helge. Her dress was a brilliant
green, the skirt so high-waisted that the rounded breasts rose
as out of a cup. There was a golden sheen in the folds of the
velvet, and the bodice was cut low round the pale, full throat.
She was very dark; small, jet-black curls fell from under the
brown bell-shaped hat about her soft, rosy cheeks. The face
was that of a little girl, with full, round lids over deep, brown
eyes, and charming dimples about the small, red mouth.

Miss Winge too was good-looking, but could not compete
with her friend. She was as fair as the other was dark;
her blonde hair brushed back from a high, white forehead had
tints of flaming gold in it; her skin was a delicate pink and
white. Even the brows and lashes round her steel-grey eyes
were a fair, golden brown. The mouth was too big for her
face, with its short, straight nose and blue-veined temples, and
the lips were pale, but when she smiled, she showed even, pearly
teeth. Her figure was slender: the long, slim neck, the arms
covered with a fair, silken down, and the long, thin hands.
She was tall, and so slim that she was almost like an overgrown
boy. She seemed very young. She had a narrow, white
turned-down collar round the V-shaped neck of her dress and
revers of the same kind round her short sleeves. Her dress of
soft, pale grey silk was gathered round the waist and on the

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