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(1921) Author: Sigrid Undset
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“Do you think it will be nice?”

“No — the teacher is so strict. Oscar goes to school, but
we shan’t be together, for he is being moved into the second

“Is Oscar your friend?” asked Jenny.

“Yes; we live in the same house.”

After a short pause Jenny spoke again: “Aren’t you sorry
there is no snow? You have got the hill by the bay where you
can toboggan. Have you got a sled?”

“No, but I have snowshoes and ski.”

They had turned into another street. Jenny let go the boy’s
hand and looked at the basket. It was so heavy, and Ausjen
was so small — so she kept it, although she did not like to be
seen with a poor little urchin in a good street. She would have
liked to take him to the confectioner’s, but thought it would be
rather awkward if she met any one she knew there.

In the dark Voldgata she took his hand again and carried the
basket to the house where he lived, giving him a coin as a
parting gift.

On her way through the town she bought chocolates and a
pair of red woollen gloves to send to Ausjen. It was nice to be
able to give somebody an unexpected pleasure. She might try
to get him for a model, but he was very small to sit so long.
Poor little hand; it had got warm in hers, and it seemed as if it
had been good for her to hold it. Yes, she wanted to try and
paint him; he had a queer little face. She would give him milk
with a little coffee in it and a nice roll and butter, and she
would work and talk to Ausjen....

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