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(1897) [MARC] Author: Jonas Jonsson Stadling Translator: Will Reason With: Gerda Tirén, Johan Tirén
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and the grandfather had come to look after the family. The
same story—no cattle, no fuel, two loaves of bread, a few peas.

In a third hut, larger than the foregoing, we found five
persons, a calf, and two sheep. Two of the five persons were
down with typhus, the rest were suffering from scurvy. The
other huts we visited simply repeated the story with variations.


I visited one of the free kitchens the Count had opened.
About fifty guests came, each with his wooden bowl and spoon.
Most of them crossed themselves as they entered—there were
not so many of the “unorthodox” here—and when all were
assembled they sang the “table prayer” in chorus. The first
part is to Bogo matjer, God’s mother, the second consists of
extracts from the Lord’s Prayer, the third is a prayer for the
Tsar. The food consisted of bread, pea soup, and kasha.

In addition to the clay huts of the village, there were sheds
that had been thatched with straw. But they had been

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