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(1897) [MARC] Author: Jonas Jonsson Stadling Translator: Will Reason With: Gerda Tirén, Johan Tirén
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dismantled for fuel, and now presented a bizarre appearance, as
the bare wooden framework, with branches of willow wattled
in, gave something of the appearance of a deserted rookery.
Miserable skeletons of horses were here and there plucking the
remains of some of the thatch that had been pulled off.

<smal<smalVILLAGE STREET IN FATROVKA.</smal</smal

While we were away Prince Dolgorukoff had arrived, and I
was introduced to him on our return. This Prince, as was
said above, was conducting a medical expedition in Eastern
Samara, the expenses of which were partly borne by Friends in
England. This was a very timely aid, as there were no
hospitals, and, in fact, no sanitary arrangements whatever. On
, there was to be a store of medicine for every volast, or
district of villages, but when we made inquiries the whole
“store” consisted of “only three bottles containing some
unknown liquid”! Two physicians, two surgeons, and six
volunteer nurses constituted this expedition. They took dinner
and supper with the Count, and though the accommodation
was cramped the company was good, and all went well.

It was late that night when I reached my “room.” This
was a small corner behind the oven, on the top of which my
host and hostess slept. But I found sleep hopeless. The
pictures of the saints I had seen in the daytime seemed to
move about in lifelike fashion. I shut my eyes many times in
hopes of dropping off, but they opened of their own accord

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