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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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treatment, he said it was useless but he
consented. I laid my hand on her forehead, and
told her it would pass off immediately, a minute
later the terror went out of her eyes, she drew
a deep breath and said she felt all right. Of
course you say it was a case of pseudo-angina,
fausse angine de poitrine; I can prove you the
contrary. Four days later she had another to
all appearance quite similar attack, she died in
less than five minutes. You are always trying
to explain to your patients what you cannot
even explain to yourself. You forget that it is
all a question of faith not of knowledge, like the
faith in God. The Catholic Church never
explains anything and remains the strongest power
in the world, the Protestant Church tries to
explain everything and is crumbling to pieces.
The less your patients know the truth, the better
for them. It was never meant that the working
of the organs of our body should be watched by
the mind, to make your patients think about
their illness is to tamper with the laws of Nature.
Tell them that they must do so and so, take such
and such a remedy in order to get better, and that
if they don’t mean to obey you, they must go
to somebody else. Do not call on them except
when they are in absolute need of you, do not
talk too much to them or they will soon find you
out and how little we know. Doctors like
royalties should keep aloof as much as possible,
or their prestige will suffer, we all look our best
in a somewhat subdued light. Look at the
doctor’s own family, who always prefer to
consult somebody else! I am actually attending,

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