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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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her imagination. A man cannot fall in love with
a woman unless she rouses his sexual instinct,
which, contrary to nature’s intention, survives in
modern man his sexual power. There is
therefore no age limit for falling in love, Richelieu was
irresistible at the age of eighty when he could
hardly stand on his legs and Goethe was seventy
when he lost his head for Ulrike von Levetzow.

“Love itself is short-lived like the flower.
With man it dies its natural death in marriage,
with woman it often survives to the last
transformed in a purely maternal tenderness for the
fallen hero of her dreams. Women cannot
understand that man is by nature polygamous.
He may be tamed to enforced submission to our
recent code of social morals, but his
indestructible instinct is only dormant. He remains the
same animal his Creator made him, ready to carry
on business as usual regardless of undue delay.

“Women are not less intelligent than men,
perhaps they are as a rule more intelligent.
But their intelligence is of different order. There
is no getting over the fact that the weight of
the man’s brain is superior to that of the woman’s.
The cerebral convolutions already visible in the
new-born child are quite different in the two
brains. The anatomical differences become even
more striking when you compare the occipital
lobe of the two brains, it is precisely on account
of the pseudo-atrophy of this lobe in the brain
of the woman that Husche attributes to it such
great psychical importance. The law of
differentiation between the sexes is an immutable law
of Nature which runs through the whole creation

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