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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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stretched his enormous hand for a gentle stroke
on Waldmann’s long, silky ears. I decided on
a last desperate attempt to move his heart.
Without saying a word I deposited Waldmann
on his lap. As the puppy licked him all over
the face and started pulling at his porcupine
moustaches, his harsh features softened gradually
into a broad, honest smile at our helplessness.
Five minutes later the hunchback had signed a
dozen documents as the Leichenbegleiter of the
two coffins, and I with Waldmann and my
Gladstone bag was flung into a crowded
second-class compartment as the train was starting.
Waldmann offered to play with the fat lady
next to us, she looked sternly at me and said
that it was “verboten” to take a dog in
a second-class compartment, was he at least
“stubenrein”? Of course he was
“stubenrein,” he had never been anything else.
Waldmann now turned his attention to the basket on
the fat lady’s lap, sniffed eagerly and started
barking furiously. He was barking still when
the train stopped at the next station. The fat
lady called the guard and pointed to the floor.
The guard said it was “verboten” to travel
with a dog without a muzzle. In vain did I
open Waldmann’s mouth to show to the guard
that he had hardly any teeth, in vain did I put my
last five-mark piece in the guard’s hand,
Waldmann must be taken at once to the dog-box.
Bent on revenge I pointed to the basket on the
fat lady’s lap and asked the guard if it was not
“verboten” to travel with a cat without a
ticket? Yes, it was “verboten.” The fat lady

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