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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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and the guard were still quarrelling when I
climbed down on the platform. The travelling
accommodation for dogs was in those days
shamefully inadequate, a dark cell just over the
wheels, saturated with fumes from the
locomotive, how could I put Waldmann there? I
rushed to the luggage van and implored the
guard to take charge of the puppy, he said it
was “verboten.” The sliding doors of the next
van were cautiously drawn aside, just enough to
let the head of the Leichenbegleiter pop out, a
long pipe in his mouth. With the agility of a
cat I climbed into the van with Waldmann and
the Gladstone bag.

Fifty marks payable on arrival if he would hide
Waldmann in his van till Lübeck! Before he
had time to answer the doors were bolted from
outside, a sharp whistle from the locomotive
and the train began to move. The big van was
quite empty but for the two packing-cases
containing the two coffins. The heat was tremendous
but there was ample room to stretch out one’s
legs. The puppy fell asleep immediately on my
coat, the Leichenbegleiter produced a bottle of
hot beer from his provision basket, we lit our
pipes and sat down on the floor to discuss the
situation. We were quite safe, nobody had seen
me jump in with the dog, I was assured that no
guard ever came near the van. When an hour
later the train slowed down for the next stop I
told the Leichenbegleiter that nothing but sheer
force could make me part company with him,
I meant to remain where I was till we reached
Lübeck. The hours passed in agreeable

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