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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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with a Leichenbegleiter I become as far as in
my power a Leichenbegleiter myself.

Indeed when we started our third bottle of
Moselle it only rested with me to become a
Leichenbegleiter in earnest.

“Cheer up, Fritz,” said my host with a merry
twinkle in his eye, “don’t look so dejected! I
know you are out of cash and that something
must have gone wrong with you. Never mind,
have another glass of wine and let us talk
business. I have not been a Leichenbegleiter
for more than ten years without learning what
sort of people I am dealing with! Intelligence
is not everything. I am sure you were born
under a lucky star or you would not be here
sitting by my side. Here is your chance, the
chance of your life! Deliver your coffin in
Sweden while I am delivering mine in Russia
and come back to Heidelberg by the first train.
I will make you my partner. As long as
Professor Friedreich is alive there will be work for
two Leichenbegleiters or my name is not
Zaccharias Schweinfuss! Sweden is no good for
you, there are no famous doctors there,
Heidelberg is full of them, Heidelberg is the place for

I thanked my new friend cordially and said
I would give him my definite answer in the
morning when our heads had cleared a little.
A few minutes later we were both fast asleep on
the floor of the Leichenwagen. I had an excellent
night, Waldmann less so. When the train rolled
into the Lübeck station it was broad daylight.
A clerk from the Swedish Consulate was waiting

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