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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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a more fascinating puppy. When Waldmann
appeared surreptitiously on the foredeck all the
sailors began to play with him and the captain
looked on the other side in order not to see him.
It was late at night when we laid alongside the
quay in Stockholm and I jumped on shore from
the bow of the ship with Waldmann in my arms.
I called in the morning on Professor Bruzelius
who showed me a telegram from Basel that the
mother was out of danger and that the funeral
of the boy was postponed till her arrival in about
a fortnight’s time. He hoped I would still be in
Sweden, the mother would be sure to wish to
hear from me of her son’s last moments and of
course I must assist at the funeral. I told him
I was going on a visit to my brother before
returning to Paris, I was in a great hurry to
be back to my patients.

I had never forgiven my brother for having
dumped on me our terrible heirloom of Mamsell
Agata, I had written him an angry letter on the
subject. Luckily he seemed to have forgotten
all about it. He said he was delighted to see me
and both he and his wife hoped I would remain
in the old home for at least a fortnight. Two
days after my arrival he expressed his surprise
that a busy doctor like me could be away from
his patients so long, what day was I leaving?
My sister-in-law had become glacial. There is
nothing to do with people who dislike dogs but
to pity them and start with your puppy on a
walking-tour, knapsack on back. There is nothing
better for a puppy than camping out in the open

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