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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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Not far from Avenue de Villiers there lived
a foreign doctor, a specialist, I
understood, in midwifery and gynecology.

He was a coarse and cynical fellow who had
called me in consultation a couple of times, not
so much to be enlightened by my superior
knowledge as to shift some of his responsibility on my
shoulders. The last time he had called me in,
had been to assist at the agony of a young girl
dying of peritonitis under very suspicious
circumstances, so much so that it was with hesitation
I consented to put my name next to his under
the death certificate. On coming home late one
night I found a cab waiting for me at the door
with an urgent request from this man to come
at once to his private clinic in Rue Granet. I
had decided to have nothing more to do with him
but the message was so urgent that I thought I
had better go with the cab anyhow. I was let in
by a stout, unpleasant looking woman who
announced herself as Madame Réquin, sage-femme
de I-ère classe, and took me to a room on the top
floor, the same room in which the girl had died.
Blood-soaked towels, sheets and blankets were
lying all over the place, blood dripping from
under the bed with a sinister sound. The doctor,

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